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Town Centre Regeneration Specialists

Town Centre Regeneration Specialists

The retail sector is a fundamental part of modern life, and one which needs carefully planning with the utmost consideration to the community it will ultimately serve, as well as to the environment.

Our experience shows that a new food store or retail development within a district or town centre which is developed in the right way will recapture trade previously lost to large out of town shopping developments and stops the flow of shoppers out of the area.  In doing so, money is brought back into the local economy and CO2 emissions are reduced through fewer and shorter car journeys.

The majority of our developments incorporate other uses, such as leisure, restaurants and commercial office space, ensuring a long term sustainable future.  Careful attention is paid to the spaces between buildings, improving pedestrian linkages and creating high quality public realm as well as attractively landscaped areas.

Our developments have won a number of high profile awards for their positive impact on the local community. Visit company awards.