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The Dransfield Foundation

The Dransfield Foundation

Charity number 1156716

The Dransfield Foundation was set up in April 2014 and is run by a board of trustees.

Grants and donations of more that £165,000 have been made to date. Recipients include:

  • Lucas McGarvey's Family - to help the family of a little boy with a life limiting illness enjoy a family holiday.
  • Bloodwise - funding research into Leukaemia & Lymphoma
  • Snaps Yorkshire - supporting their work with families with children with additional needs
  • Friend's of Children's Charities
  • The Children's Hospital charity
  • Action Against Cancer, to support ongoing cancer research
  • Flamingo Chicks, to support a Dance Workshop at Bluebell Hospice. 
  • Music Scholarship for the Stocksbridge Valley Music Festival.
  • Heads Together Barnsley - to support a fundraising family fun run in Penistone.
  • Stocksbridge Community Leisure Centre - to assist with a major project to make the centre more accessible.
  • Charlie Leeks Family - to help the family of a little boy receiving cancer treatment enjoy a family holiday.
  • Platform - a day centre in Hull which provides activities and support for profoundly disabled young people.
  • CRY (Jamie Loncaster Memorial Fund) - to support a programme of testing for undiagnosed heart conditions in children and young people in the Yorkshire region.  
  • Gateway Church in Barnsley - to help support a programme of summer activities for children in the town.
  • Flights for Life – A project in Lincolnshire which gives children and young adults suffering from life limiting illnesses the opportunity to experience the magic of flight.
  • Clic Sargent – Supporting the local work of Clic Sergeant, a charity which supports children with cancer and their famlies
  • Readwell – helping the funding towards free books and storytelling sessions at Sheffield Children’s Hospital
  • The Exodus Project - a charity based in South Hiendley, South Yorkshire which organises after school and weekend clubs for less advantaged children.
  • The Ethel Trust -  A community barge project in South Yorkshire which runs sessions for vulnerable and disabled children.
  • A Red Cross project to provide wheelchairs to children in need in Sheffield and South Yorkshire.
  • Lincoln St Christopher's School
  • Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice - a donation to pay for one of the children's bedrooms at the hospice to be refurbished. 

The Trustees have identified the following specific priorities for the types of projects they wish to support:

  • Children and young people under the age of 18 disadvantaged by ill health or terminal illness and their families in respect of the payment of potential treatment, rehabilitation or family holidays
  • Children’s hospices and hospitals
  • Children and young people under the age of 18 without access to funding, to allow their participation in group led educational projects such as the study of music or safe practice of sports
  • Support for research projects helping to identify the effectiveness of treatment and promoting the longer term health outcome of children and young people under the age of 18

For more information about the Dransfield Foundation click here.